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Conference Calls Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 7pm EST: Dial (425) 535-9122 then enter 319-527-3196 Please listen in and ask questions.

Congratulations to those who voted last July 4 and who have registered! We now simply need more consent to have lawful power to enact this program. Please register and consent below then invite others. Do not let corrupt government and their media tool convince you that this is a scam. We ask you for nothing but to only acquire what is lawfully yours. Make a simple stand by attending to consent September 17, 2019 at the Detroit City Hall 2 Woodward Ave. Allocations of homes begin that day!

(Please note that the law states that “All political power is inherent in The People” who can alter or abolish government at any given time or day. You also have “the right peaceably to assemble,……TO INSTRUCT their representatives”, not just to petition or protest but give direct orders and even recall them instantly.)

Putting Everyone In A Home!

Everyone has a right to a standard of living that is adequate for health and well-being, including housing. This human right is stated in the very first section of the Detroit City Charter which states: "The people have a right to expect city government to provide for its residents, decent housing". Detroit Free Housing Program was established by Human Rights Policy Officers to guarantee the observation of this right by educating the citizens of this right and organizing actions that will enforce this right. We endeavor to see EVERY citizen in a home!

Ending Homelessness & Stopping Foreclosures

With the hundreds of thousands of empty properties in Detroit, there is no reason for anyone to be homeless. By following the Detroit Free Housing Program plan, EVERY homeless person can get a home and tax foreclosures WILL BE STOPPED! PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PROGRAM IS FOR EVERYONE, NOT JUST THE HOMELESS.

YOU Make This Possible!

Since the properties really belong to THE PEOPLE of the city not to the government of the city, Detroit Free Housing helped organize the July 4, 2018 vote for independence which is to give power to an "Independent Council" that will immediately begin giving homes to those in need who apply. YOU, the people of Detroit, make this program a reality by participating in a special purpose vote/consent withdrawal and public instruction to officials on September 17, 2019 at City Hall (2 Woodward Ave) beginning at 9am. Since the last vote was violated by corrupt officials using violence and defamation, we are now exercising the right to collectively possess via popular uprising. This is the practice of democracy at its fullest extent.

The Process


1. Register For Your Home

Please scroll down and fill in the application. Every resident that is 18 or older will be accepted.

2. Vote and Speak With Housing Agent

Those like yourself, who have registered now have become the needed amount of people to take democratic action by simply filling in the form to consent to a temporary Council of The People that will allocate you a home immediately. This form is to formally unite with The People in consent. Your presence will be needed September 17 at City Hall (2 Woodward Ave) in the democratic Human Rights takeover of Detroit.

I the undersigned wish to withdraw consent from the current government and its activities and consent to an independent government council known as The People.

3. Spread The Word

Please inform others about the program and encourage them to participate. Share link on your social media and via text message so that your friends and family can click on it and immediately register and vote. This program requires a large number of local residents to be lawful. The sooner everyone votes, the sooner everyone can be in FREE homes.


With massive participation on September 17, 2019 at the Detroit City Hall (2 Woodward Ave) victory is assured and the allocation of homes begin.


Now you can enjoy your new home achieved by following the stated simple steps. You have exercised your right and used the political power that is inherent in The People when we act as one. This is democracy!

Receive Grant Money

Grant money will be availed to participants to refurbish their homes and stimulate personal economic situations. For more information and to register for your grant visit

Example Homes (hundreds of thousands available)


Apply now!

Your application and details will be logged in as we look forward to receiving your vote. Homes will be given away upon the verification of a successful  vote. We need YOUR vote to make this happen. Please invite as many people as possible to apply for a home and vote, especially those needing homes.

Home Selection

Please list your choice of homes you have viewed throughout Detroit. You are welcome to list multiple properties in case some have been taken. You will be granted the priority one available.

Please Join The Conference Call

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm EST a conference call will be held. You are welcome to listen in to learn more and ask any questions you may have.

Dial-in number: (319) 527-3196

The Program Trustee

Ramzu Yunus with the President of Venezuela; Hugo Chavez
Ramzu Yunus with Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe

Here is the initiator of the Detroit Free Housing Program and Black Independence vote seen here with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe both of whom have given away billions of dollars worth of homes and land to their People for FREE. So yes this program can lawfully happen though the government is working with the media to try and influence you not to participate even going as far as defaming Mr. Yunus who is not asking for one cent or seeking any political office.

Mr. Yunus has more understanding of law and higher-level experience than any of your current government officials and aspiring politicians who have absolutely no effective plan to improve your lives.

Local government and officials have already been caught in illegal activities concerning housing and even sued. 

(This section was added not to brag on status but to combat the government's attempt to discredit the viability of the Detroit FREE Housing Program)

Please ask yourself why is the government spending millions of your (taxpayers) dollars to stop a program that will give YOU billions of dollars in homes and grant money. Does not the law say that the government and its officials get their power from and are supposed to bow to the will of The People? It is obvious that this program is what The People want so why doesn’t the officials “represent” what YOU want? Because they do not “represent” you but illegally stand for their own selfish interests! We have witnessed mass corruption in government concerning properties from illegal foreclosures to the County Treasurer being caught running a personal real estate company. Enough is Enough! We The People are going to exercise the law and democratically put them out and put in place a council that will immediately give these homes and grant money to those in need.

All nonviolent criminal charges will be dropped as part of the same new policies that puts you in a FREE home. Find out more today and register by visiting the website!